Sunday, October 08, 2006

Sugar Knob

We had a total wash-out for our two night trip to Sugar Knob cabin. Checked the weather forecast before we left and it said 30-40% chance of rain. It started raining when we got to the cabin and didn't really stop until we were back home in Silver Spring two days later.

We spent most of out time feeding the fire and playing cards.

When we couldn't take it any longer we got suited up and ventured out in the rain. The blackgums and sugar maples were bright red, really lovely.

Another highlight of the trip was seeing SIX American Chestnut trees that were dropping nuts -- neither of us had ever seen evidence of trees that had survived the blight long enough to fruit. This is a picture of a husk and some of the old catkins from one of them. Seeing trees that are fighting the blight was inspiring, and we came home to read that there has been great progress in breeding even more disease-resistant trees.