Monday, October 13, 2008

Fall at Meadows

We rented Meadows Cabin for the long weekend with Patrick, Shannon, Riana, Cara, Miro, and Dominic. Festivities included a visit to the Graves Mountain Apple Festival, eating apples and wild grapes from the yard of the cabin, hiking down to the Rose River, games, and lots of songs around the campfire. Also some potty training issues and a fork in Shannon's eye -- par for the course, perhaps, with two toddlers along.

Down the road from Meadows there is an abandoned apple orchard with a great view -- and some asters that were attracting Buckeye butterflies.

A selection of the wild foods eaten over the weekend -- sassafras, ground nut, spicebush berries, and aborted entolomas:

And wild grapes!

Dominic slept so hard on the way down to the Rose River that he didn't even wake up when his dad took off the backpack and took a swim.

Oh, and did I mention the leaves were changing? What a weekend!