Thursday, September 27, 2007

Close encounters with big critters

One afternoon, we had been thinking about going for a walk but decided to go a little further down the road -- imagine our surprise a few minutes later to see a bear walking down the path we had been thinking about walking on! We had several bison-on-road encounters. Many of them resulted in bison-from-inside-car pictures. We stopped for quite a while to watch this guy eat. We could hear him breathing and chewing.
We usually saw pronghorn in groups but this one was just hanging out by a parking lot.
Early morning on the way from our hotel into Teton National Park we stopped to watch this moose eating in the water.
The elk were in rut and in the morning especially we would hear the males bugling. It also meant they were hanging out in big groups and attracting big groups of cars anytime they were near the road.