Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Other critters of Yellowstone & Teton

We stopped to watch some elk one morning as the sun was rising when Elizabeth spotted this river otter. That got all the serious photographers to come out with their $5,000 cameras and hang out with us -- they'd all had enough elk. This was the beginning of our realization that when you see the big cameras, there's usually something really worth stopping for. It was interesting to talk to the camera guys (and they were mostly guys) too -- they really know the parks and the animals. This was the first time we successfully implemented our new rule, "always stop when you see the big cameras." We even struck up a couple of conversations with guys who let us look through their sights.

We saw two canines that looked about the same to us in Yellowstone, on two different days. On the first day, someone told us very definitively we were looking at a wolf. The next day, someone told us just as definitively that it was a coyote. Chances are coyote, but we're still not totally sure.